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Finding A Job In Cape Town

Finding a job in Cape Town will be extremely difficult If you do not have the relevant qualifications and experience in an industry that requires the necessary skills. As in most other large cities in developed countries, employment in Cape Town primarily means working in an office. Due to the high number of unskilled workers in South Africa, Cape Town has many in-demand jobs.

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Drivers Job In Cape Town

Driver jobs in Cape Town are currently in high demand due to many courier companies taking full advantage of the pandemic and the effects thereof. "Working from Home" has become the new norm and less frequent socializing means that more and more goods are required to be delivered to homes and other workspaces as well.

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Differences Between a Resume and a CV

CV and résumé can be quite similar, but not always interchangeable. The CV (Common Terminology) is used in occupational resume help and occupational teaching when comparing one applicant to another, where the sole purpose is to avoid language that the employer will be confused with.

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